About Us


My name is Adrianna and I am the owner of
Love, Mears. I'm a wife and mom to two
gorgeous little girls. We began cloth diapering
when my oldest was 10 months and as anyone
who does so knows, there are so many
limitations to products that you can use while
you cloth. Since options are so scarce, they
either weren't very effective or they were just
so costly that they were inaccessible. I started
to make cloth safe baby skin care products like
Balms and Wipe Bits for my own daughters
and wanted to broaden my horizons and share
my products with everyone. Giving parents
quality products at an affordable price is
something I strive hard to accomplish. I hope
that those who don't even cloth diaper, use my
products, as our babies deserve the absolute
Love, Mears

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